2021-2022 Tryout Registration Form (Pickering Minor Hockey Association)

Print 2021-2022 Tryout Registration Form
Welcome to the Pickering Hockey Association 2021-2022 Representative Tryouts! Please make sure you have read all important information listed on our Tryout Information & Registration Page before completing this form. Please make sure all information is entered accurately. For information on your PTN please go to our "How To: Locate my PTN" page found in the drop down menu of the Tryouts tab on our website. This completed tryout registration form will follow you/your player throughout the tryouts.
Player Information
Please accurately fill in all player information below. All information in the section is mandatory and the form cannot successfully be submitted without this section being completed.
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    Open the calendar popup.
    Use drop down or format of mm/dd/yyyy.
  2. Check all that apply
  3. eg. Pickering,Ajax,West Hill
  4. If players previous level is not in the drop down list, please choose "other ice use".
  5. Full Address including City and Postal Code
  6. Pickering,Ajax,Markham,West Hill
Players From Other Centre's
Players from Centre's other than the Pickering Hockey Center, please fill in this section. You will need the proper paperwork to try out in Pickering, as per OMHA regulations.
  1. Markham, West Hill, Ajax
  2. Refers to PTS for 2018-2019 Season
Parent /Guardian Information
Parents/Guardians, please fill in the following information. Ensure you are using your primary phone number and email address (*reminder: your submission will be sent to this email address and only one parent email address is *mandatory).
  1. Example: ###-###-####
  2. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
  3. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
Tryout Passport
PHA Tryout Passports are $55.00. Payment for passports is required at the time of submission of this form. If you do not choose to purchase a Passport Tryout, payment for tryouts will be made at the door and the "at the door" cost is $30.00 per tryout, payable at every tryout.
  1. On the bottom of your submitted form confirmation email, there is the following link - confirmationpage:pickeringhockey.ca/submissions/#####/ -  This five digit (#####) number at the end of the link is your Personal Tryout Number and is used to check the website to see if you/your player have been invited back to the next tryout. After the tryout you will go home and when the website has been updated you will be able to go onto the Team tryout page for your level at pickeringhockey.com and a list of PTN's will appear.

    If your number is on the list you have been invited back to the next Tryout. If you/your player has been unsuccessful at a tryout, this PTN and tryout registration stays with your player until the end of tryouts. Please do not register again for a different level of play. 

    Please keep a copy of this form. 
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