Tryout Guidelines (Pickering Minor Hockey Association)

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Release and PTS Information

Players who do not follow the tryout guidelines, as described by the OHF, will not be provided with a release. If you do not attend tryouts at all and require a release once tryouts are complete, the PHA will NOT provide you with a release after the fact. Make sure you are aware of and understand the rules. It is your responsibility to understand and be informed of the LOR rules and guidelines. The PHA will not respond to release requests until the tryout process has been followed and completed.

In order to obtain a release both player and parent must be present to sign the forms, no exceptions.

'AA' - First Day of AA (Sept 17th - to be confirmed) - following tryout sessions

 'A' - First Day of A (Sept 24th - to be confirmed) - following tryout sessions

The players name must appear on the tryout registration list.

Non-Residents Welcome
– The Pickering Hockey Association is inviting LOR non-resident players to tryout for PHA teams.  LOR non-resident players are players currently living in the LOR Region (Ajax, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville) and the GTHL (Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughn) . Non-residents are only eligible for ‘AA’ and ‘A’ levels. 

LOR Tryout Requirements

  • Players who reside in Pickering from Minor Atom to Peewee MUST tryout for the Pickering Hockey Association (LOR Regulation E48)
  • Players who reside in Pickering from Minor Atom to Peewee who are currently playing on a rep team outside of Pickering MUST return and attend Pickering Hockey Association tryouts. (LOR Regulation E50).

Tryout Conduct

  • Players who do not make themselves available for tryouts or who fail to show up to the majority of tryouts will not be provided a release. (LOR Regulation 59).
  • Players who deliberately attempt to throw a tryout will not be provided with a release. 

Player Releases:

  • The Pickering Hockey Association has first right of refusal on players who reside in Pickering from Minor Atom to Peewee.  Any Pickering player in these age groups will require a release from the PHA before they are eligible to tryout with another team in the LOR. (LOR Regulation E53). 
  • A player at Minor Atom to Peewee who is provided a commitment offer from a Team and does not accept it, will not be provided a release for that Category. (LOR Regulation E59).
  • The PHA will not entertain release requests (regardless of the situation) in advance and until the player has gone through the tryout process. If you have concerns, regarding the LOR rules please contact the OHF.
PTS Forms are now done ONLINE -Click on the link below

PTS FORMS can take up to 48-72 hours and are only provided on/after the first day of AA tryouts.

Only players Minor Bantam and higher require a PTS 

Handwritten PTS forms are no longer accepted so you must use the new online request process. 

All information must be entered accurately and match the information you entered into the Hockey Canada Registration or the PTS will be denied. 

This form may not be used for AAA PTS requests, all AAA submissions using this form will be denied.

Please refer to the OHF website if you have any questions.

PHA Staff cannot change or modify any tryout guidelines approved by the PHA board of Directors.

Begin On-line PTS 


AAA PTS – must be signed by your home association. Fill in the attached form and send it to

[email protected] Forms can take up to 48 hours. Incomplete forms or forms not providing correct information will result in a delay.

- Forms must be submitted using the form template above, in a PDF format. Photo's of forms will not be accepted.